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Driving lessons Liverpool

We’re Liverpool Born and proud! We have driving instructors across the whole of Liverpool and we cover both Norris Green and Garston driving test centre’s with some of the best driving instructors across Merseyside.

Driving Lessons in Liverpool

Driving lessons Ormskirk

We have driving instructors covering the whole of Ormskirk with Driving Tests taking place in both Southport and Norris Green – Students! Don’t worry we have you covered too, you will most likely see us in and out of Edge Hill University

Driving Lesson in Ormskirk

Driving lessons Southport

Live in Southport? Don’t worry we also cover Southport driving test centre, we have some of the best driving instructors you can find in Southport!
Don’t forget to try our Southport Theory test workshops!

Driving Lessons in Southport

Driving lessons Liverpool, Ormskirk and Southport

We have been providing driving lessons in Liverpool, Ormskirk and Southport since we opened in 2003. Our driving instructors are some of the best throughout the Northwest and our driving lessons are designed to help everyone from beginners to experienced drivers.

We have a simple business plan of offering top quality driving lessons at quality prices, we keep our driving instructors in small local areas to reduce travel time and rely highly on word of mouth recommendations (you’ll never hear us on the radio!). Our aim is to teach you to drive to the highest, safest standards whilst getting you through your driving test as quick, and as cheaply as possible.

Learn with peopel who care

Our original slogan back in 2003 was ‘Learn with people who care’ we don’t see pupils as just another hours work, we love our jobs and it’s about changing people’s lives. There’s nothing worse than sitting in a car with a complete stranger so we try our hardest to make you feel as comfortable as possible, you can look online and meet some of our driving instructors or you can call our office about any concerns you may have.

Our Driving Instructors

Why get into a car with a stranger? We know that your first driving lesson can be daunting, not just because it’s the first time behind the wheel, but also you know nothing about the person you’ll be learning to drive with!

We’ve taken the anxious part of meeting your driving instructor out of the mix by creating some profiles for our instructors – have a browse and find out more about them!

Meet our Driving Instructors

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