About The Driving Academy

We've been on a massive adventure since 2003 - but things just keep getting better and better!

About The Driving Academy

The beginning

Founded in 2003 by Peter, a driving instructor since 1987 he wanted to create a different type of driving school, one that works for both the learners and the driving instructors. Family run since day 1, we are one big family with each instructor deserving a place.

We quickly grew in 2003 having 10 cars by mid 2004. We had an unmistakable pink & mustard car livery with the majority of our cars being black Ford Fiestas.

One of our first cars - 2003 Ford Fiesta

Towards the end of the 2000’s we started offering driving instructor training and we updated out design to be orange and black. The car’s where updated to high spec Ford Fiestas, Honda Civic’s and even a BMW.

Peter, Stuart & Scott in 2009

After the credit crunch we focussed hard on re-growing the driving school but it wasn’t until mid 2014 that we made the biggest change yet.

Our original cars featured a logo originally created in the 80’s which we dropped in 2007. In 2014 we decided to bring it back with a brand new color scheme and a complete fresh look.

Some of our training cars

Over the years we have done some fantastic things from raising money for Children in Need to training some absolutely amazing driving instructors!

Liam & Stu, Big Learner Relay

Our family has continually grown and in 2017 we started offering driving instructor training on a larger scale. In 2019 our trainers Mike and Stu both gained their ORDIT trainers status. In 2020 we opened our driving instructor training center with hopes of offering instructor training on a larger scale.

Work starts on our training centre Training centre opened 2020

Whats next - we’re always evolving, let’s just say we have plans for a wider audience and bigger vehicles!

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