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Driving lessons Liverpool - Local instructors

Want to pass your driving test in Liverpool? We can help you with that! We offer driving lessons in Liverpool and the surround areas. Block booking discounts available.

Driving lessons Liverpool - Local instructors

Looking for driving lessons in Liverpool?

The biggest problem when learning to drive has got to be finding the right driving instructor! You want a great driving instructor in Liverpool who doesn’t waste your time or money. Thankfully we offer some of the best driving lessons Liverpool has ever seen. All of our driving instructors get you through your driving test as quickly as possible to the highest, safest standards. Remember, we aren’t like other driving schools, we want to make learning to drive fun!

We’ve taken thousands of learners to pass their practical driving tests across the North West. Our reputation means a great deal to us and we love our great reviews. If you’re ready to pass your driving test with a professional driving school in Liverpool, get in touch!

Why choose The Driving Academy - Driving school in Liverpool?

We like to keep it simple, great lessons, reasonable prices. We have hundreds of 5* reviews which should give you an idea of who we are. We wont make any silly claims such as we have the highest first time pass rate, they change from day to day and there isn’t a database for any driving schools to check. Any driving school making a bold claim about having the highest pass rate is most likely telling porkies!

Our driving instructors are the key to our success, with the right training they deliver the right driving lessons. We know if you pass quickly and are taught right you will love us, more importantly, you will tell all of your friends and we stay busy!

We offer male or female driving instructors, you can learn in a manual or automatic car, you can learn weekly or we offer intensive courses – we also offer a semi intensive driving course. We teach learner drivers to not just pass their test but also be a safe, confident driver.

Meet our instructors!

We’re so proud of our instructors that each of them have a profile online, why not pop a long to see our driving instructors? If you want to learn to drive with one of our instructors, fill in the callback form on this page!

I just want the cheapest driving lessons in Liverpool!

The price might look good, but are the actually cheap? Most people think the cheapest driving lessons in Liverpool are those that cost less per hour. What if we told you, you can pay more per hour but have less lessons it could work out cheaper? Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t buy the cheapest toilet paper would you? Our driving instructors are trained to adapt lessons to suit your learning style (we call it Client Centred Learning CCL). We know that learner drivers can get nervous when learning to drive so we do everything we can to make the process as easy as possible for you. We want you to pass first time as a safe, confident driver!

Everybody know’s quality matters! Remember, our driving lessons are 1 hour long (some people only offer 50 minute lessons) and we have a great pass rate!

What happens on my first driving lesson?

When you book in we pass your details to an instructor close to you. Our instructor will give you a call and book your first driving lesson for a time and place that suits you. On your first lesson our instructor will check your provisional license details and get to know your driving history (if you have one).

Our driving instructor will either drive you to a quiet area or allow you to drive from where you are (safety first). We’ll talk you through the cars controls you will start learning basic clutch control with moving off and stopping. As you progress through your driving lessons you will start to learn new things whilst recapping previous lessons until you are ready for your driving test. Your instructor will ask you what test centre you want to use and your lessons will begin to take place on test routes.

What happens on my driving test?

When you’re learning to driving in Liverpool Merseyside, you have a few different test centre’s you can use. Norris green and Speke being the local options but you also have St Helens, Southport and Widnes not too far away depending on where you are located. Our instructors in Liverpool all have experience of the different test centre’s within the North West.

Once you have started your driving lessons in Liverpool your driving instructors will let you know when its time to apply for your practical driving test. Once you have booked your test you need to let your instructor know as soon as possible, the time it is booked for and the test centre it is located at. It’s important to remember when booking your test that local knowledge is important, some people decide to book different test centre’s due to the pass rate being higher at other locations. It’s important you don’t let pass rates affect where you take your driving test, if you have been taught properly (which we do!) then you should book the most local test centre to you, this will give you a better chance of passing first time!

About Us

We launched our Driving school in Liverpool back in 2003. Peter who founded the driving school had qualified in 1986 and worked across the UK for a variety of driving schools but wanted to create a better option. We wanted to make learning to drive fun and we want to work for our driving instructors, not them work for us! Within the first 12 months we had over 12 driving instructors in Liverpool and by 2020 we had expanded to have driving instructors in Ellesmere Port, St helens, Southport and Preston. We’re a family run driving school with driving lessons in our blood and we also have 2 generations of our family as fully qualified driving instructors. We’ve built a fantastic team of driving instructors and driving instructor trainers over the last 19 years with fantastic pass rates.

Get Started

Want to book your first driving lessons in Liverpool? Great! Learning to drive should be something you look forward to! Firstly you’ll need to make sure you have a valid provisional license, once you have your provisional license, complete a callback request and one of our driving instructors in Liverpool will call to book you in. :)

If you already have a driving test booked please let us know what test centre it is at and when.

When you’re looking for Liverpool driving lessons, remember learning to drive should be fun!

Liverpool driving lessons test passes

Train to become a driving instructor in Liverpool

We’re currently looking for new driving instructors in Liverpool - interested? Scroll down to find out more about our training packages or call us for a quick chat!

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Liverpool Driving Lesson Reviews

Some of our reviews we have received after people have learnt to drive with us in Liverpool

Absolutely amazing experience. Couldn’t have done it with out Phil as he’s been a pleasure to work with! Taught me all the skills needed to become a safe driver. Got 0 faults on my test today! Super made up! Couldn’t recommend enough! 🙌


Massive thank you to Marie. Marie helped me pass first time with only three minors. Marie reassured me during every lesson making sure i understood everything that happened during the lesson which gave me the confidence to driving happily on the roads. Would highly recommend.


What can I say... my instructor was Stuart (but he prefers stu). Helped me past first time so he's obviously a miracle worker! Couldn't of made learning any easier. So supportive and always made me feel at ease, even when I was being a complete stress head 😂 Thank you so much for all your help, couldn't recommend even folks! Love Kimble's 💚


Liverpool Driving Lesson FAQ's

Have a question? Want a quick answer? The most common driivng lesson FAQ's can be found below!

How do I book my first driving lesson in Liverpool

If you have your provisional driving license then just give us a call or fill your details in on our callback form. A member of our team will answer any questions you have and pass your details over to one of our instructors.

What car will I learn to drive in?

We have a good variety of cars from super-mini’s to large SUV’s. Typically expect your lessons to happen in a Ford Fiesta / Vauxhall Corsa sized car. If you have any special requirements then feel free to ask us!

How many driving lessons will I need?

The UK average is 47 driving lessons and 22 hours of private practice before your driving test, but everyone is different. We’ve saw people pass in as little as 10 hours and others take longer. After your first few driving lessons your driving instructor will be able to give you an idea roughly how many lessons you will need.

What test do I need to take?

There are 3 tests you need to take to gain your full driving license. The first 2 tests are taken together, these are the theory test and the hazard perception test. You have to pass them both together. The final test is your practical driving test and this must be passed within 2 years of passing your first 2 tests.

How long does it take to learn to drive?

This is down to you. We see two types of learners, those committed to learning and taking regular weekly lessons, and those who aren’t too bothered and will cancel a lesson and then re-arrange for 2-3 weeks time. You can pass as quickly as you want, but if you don’t have the dedication or motivation to pass you can spend months trying to get your driving license.

How long are your driving lessons?

Our driving lessons all last 1 hour, but you can take them in 60/90/120/180 minute sessions if you prefer - speak to your driving instructor about your options if you want to do longer lessons. Note - some cheaper driving school only offer 50 minute driving lessons.

What is a provisional license?

You need to apply for a provisional driving license before you can start driving lessons. Without a provisional license you are not insured for driving on the road - we will ask to see your provisional on your first lesson.

Can’t I just learn with my Mum / Dad / Friend / Sister / Uncle??

Yes you can, however the person teaching you must meet certain criteria (Over 21, Have had a full license for over 3 years are the basic requirements) you must then also make sure the car is roadworthy, fully insured for a leaner driver and displaying the legal L plates. The most important thing is the person teaching / supervising you needs to know what is expected for your driving test and teach you correctly. If you want to speak to your driving instructor and ask for some advice.

Areas We Cover in Liverpool

If you're looking for lessons in Liverpool then you've come to the right place. Our local Liverpool driving instructors offer lessons in the following areas - if your area isn't covered don't worry we may still cover it, complete a callback form above:

  • Netherton
  • Kirkby
  • Croxteth
  • Norris Green

Train to become a driving instructor in Liverpool

Do you want a new career? Do you want to be your own boss? Have you considered being a driving instructor? We’re always looking for new instructors to train up and become part of our team. WE have two ORDIT trainers (Official register of driving instructor trainers) and they’re dedicated to giving you the best training possible. If you want the best training in the North West, then please give us a call or find out more on our driving instructor training page.

Driving Instructor Training