We have the best Driving lessons Liverpool has to offer and since 2003 we’ve been using the best driving instructors in Liverpool! We’ve lost count of how many people have passed their driving test with us.

Our driving instructors cover the whole of Liverpool and we have some great block booking offers available. Want to know how good we are? Have a look at our facebook feed below and see how many driving test pass photos we post up every week

Looking for Driving lessons in Liverpool?

When you’re ready to learn to drive finding the right driving school can be the biggest problem! You know you want driving lessons Liverpool but who do you learn with? We believe we are the obvious choice for driving schools in Liverpool. Founded in Liverpool in 2003 we’re a family run driving school with driving lessons in our blood and we also have 2 generations of our family as fully qualified driving instructors. Over the last 15 years we have created an amazing team of professional driving instructors covering Liverpool. Our reputation means a great deal to us and we love our great reviews. If you’re ready to pass your driving test with a professional driving school in Liverpool, give us a call.

Why choose the driving academy?

Finding the right driving instructor or even driving school in Liverpool may be frustrating with everyone making various claims about being the best and offering special offers. We don’t do that and there is a simple reason for it, because pass rates change from day to day and it’s impossible to keep track of each driving instructor in Liverpool. Any driving school making a bold claim about having the highest pass rate is most likely telling porkies! We always monitor our instructors to ensure they deliver the best driving lessons Liverpool has to offer. We believe if we get you through your test as quickly as possible and to the highest safest standards you will love us, more importantly you tell all of your friends and we stay busy!

I just want the cheapest driving lessons in Liverpool?

Define cheap? Most people assume the cheapest driving lessons are the driving lessons that cost less per hour. What if we told you if you pay more per hour but if you have less lessons it could work out cheaper? Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t buy the cheapest toilet paper would you? Everybody know’s quality matters! We rely on the fantastic reviews our driving instructors receive to continuously get new learners. We don’t spend a fortune on radio advertising like other driving schools do because our reputation speaks for itself. If you are serious about passing your driving test then learn with the people who care!

What happens on my first driving lesson?

Once we receive your details we assign you to a local driving instructor. Our instructor will give you a call and book your first driving lesson for a time and place that suits you. On your first lesson our instructor will check your provisional license details and get to know your driving history, if you have one. Dependent on your experience you will be driven to a local training area which the instructor has designated as their favorite, safe learning place. After an initial talk through the cars controls you will start learning basic clutch control with moving off and stopping. As you progress through your driving lessons you will start to learn new things whilst recapping previous lessons until you are ready for your driving test. Using our method you will have a better chance of passing first time.

Driving Lessons Liverpool

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