Driving instructor training Packages

With a full training package you get everything you need!

We have options available from pay as you go training to full training packages where the only addition tests are your DBS check, test and license fee’s.

Driving instructor training packages and courses - Team TDA

Pay as you train

Want to pay smaller amounts more regulary? No problem! You can pay weekly as you receive training.

  • Pay as you learn
  • Free Part 1 apps & training nights
  • Part 2 training £35 per hour
  • Part 3 Training £40 per hour
    (40 hours required + 20 on trainee license)

DBS, Test and license fee's not included.

£0 upfront cost

Basic package

Our basic package is designed to get you working on a trainee license, you will still have 20 hours additional tuition to pay.

  • Free Part 1 apps & training nights
  • Part 2 training 10 hours included
  • Part 3 Training 40 hours included
  • Trainee License additional 20 hours – £40 per hour (additional cost)

DBS, Test and license fee's not included.

Course cost - £1950

Full Package

All the training you need to get through your training and ready for your trainee license and part 3 exam.

  • Free Part 1 apps & training nights
  • Part 2 training - 10 hours
  • Part 3 training - 40 hours
  • Trainee License additional 20 hours included

DBS, Test and license fee's not included.

Course cost - £2450

Driving instructor training packages

Making the decision to become a driving instructor isn’t always an easy one that’s why we have kept our training packages as simple as they can be! Remember - we want to train you to be the best driving instructor you can be so our driving school is the best it can be. We’ve dedicated time into our ORDIT trainings and have developed a great system and reputation for training great driving instructors.

There are three options for you, they’re designed to suit everyones budget and lifestyle. If you have any questions please pick the phone up and talk to us about your training needs.

Are there other fee’s and expenses?

You’ll notice on the packages we mention DBS, test and license fee’s not included. These are additional fee’s that you have to pay to apply to become a driving instructor, check your criminal record, attempt the tests and get your trainee or ADI badges. These fee’s can be found below - they are correct at the time of publishing (March 2021) - please remember fee’s can fluctuate.

Item Cost
Criminal record check £6
Part 1 test £81 (per attempt)
Part 2 test £111 (per attempt)
Part 3 test £111 (per attempt)
Trainee license (optional) £140
ADI badge £300

The minimum cost of the additional fee’s is £609 if you chose not to use a trainee license - we do really recommend trainee license’s as you get so much added experience to prepare you for your part 3 test. With the trainee license you have an additional £749 to pay on top of course fee’s, and thats assuming you pass your tests first time. Once you have qualified you will need to apply for your ADI badge, this costs £300 and has to be done within 12 months of passing your part 3 (immediately if you wish to carry on working as a driving instructor) and this badge needs to be renewed every 4 years (£300) and you will have a standards check within that 4 year period.

Are there any other fee’s?

Not a fee exactly but something you need to consider, when you are on your trainee license or qualified you will need to consider what car you will use and what franchise (if any) you wish to take. A franchise may offer the benefit of a car included but you may earn more money by sorting this yourself. Remember, a driving school car will need special driving school insurance, dual controls and good, regular maintenance.

What training option is right for me

We can’t answer that for you, some people have budget restrictions so pay as you train is the better options, some people have time constraints and want to do it as quickly as possible. We can advice you what may be right for you but it’s down to you to make that decision - we do know that those who opt for a training package are more likely to stick through the entire process.

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