You have passed your driving test, but are you a good driver? Now is the time to consider taking your Pass Plus course.

What is a Pass Plus Course?

The pass plus course is designed to enhance your driving skills, and consists of a minimum of six hours further tuition, and will include:

  •  Town driving
  •  All weather driving
  •  Driving on rural roads
  •  Night driving
  •  Dual carriageways
  •  Motorway driving

These lessons will take you that step further in your driving ability and knowledge, especially the Motorway lesson, as you will not have driven on the Motorway during your normal lessons.

The incentive for you, apart from improving your driving skills, is that a lot of Insurance companies use the Pass Plus scheme as a means of identifying the more responsible driver.

If your are prepared to pay for extra lessons AFTER passing your driving test, you are in all probability a mature and sensible person, who tend to be involved in fewer road accidents, and you are the type of person that they love, because they have to pay out on claims less often.

It is in the Insurance companies best interest to have you as their client, and they are often prepared to offer a considerable discount on your insurance premium. This discount is normally far in excess of the fee that you have paid for your Pass Plus course, and so everybody is gaining.

It’s always worth checking with your insurance company that they offer a pass plus discount and what savings you could make. If you can offset the cost of the pass plus course against your car insurance than it’s a no brainer. Remember – the course is designed to help you gain extra experience and not primarily to save you money so you must check the savings first!

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