ADI & PDI Driving instructor training Liverpool & Surrounding areas

Considering a new career as a driving instructor? Find out more here and get a realistic view of being a driving instructor!

We have 2 ORDIT trainers covering the whole of the North West and we truly care about your training - the best way for us to grow is by having the best driving instructors around!

ADI & PDI Driving instructor training Liverpool & the North West!

Training options

There are three tests to pass when training to become a driving instructor, we call these the part1, 2 and 3 tests.The learning doesn’t stop when you qualify! We have different training packages to suit all needs and budgets, click below to see out training packages or keep reading to find out more about the driving instructor training process..

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The Part 1 test

Your first test - basically a harder Theory & Hazard perception test.

Part 1
The Part 2 test

Your second test, a stricter, longer version of the driving test you have sat previously.

Part 2
The Part 3 test

The final test is designed to test your abilities to instruct a learner driver.

Part 3

How do I become a driving instructor?

The process is pretty straight forward. It can be broken down into sections.

Want to know more about the 3 tests - have a look at the 3 dedicated pages we have (link at the bottom)

Why train with The Driving Academy

We have a great track record, from full driving instructor training packages to part 3 rescue or standards check training our instructors understand the importance, and pressure of your tests and know how to get you through them. We don’t see instructor training as a cash cow like some of the national driving schools, we see it as a way to grow with high quality instructors who have received the right training.

How is The Driving Academy different?

We’re glad you asked (or you read our question at-least!) To put it simply, we’re in it for the long haul. You will see most national driving schools offering ‘Free’ or very cheap training to get new instructors to sign up, and then they want trainee driving instructors to sign up for a 2-4 year contract. We don’t do that. We want you to become the best instructor you can be and we want you to stay with us at your own free will. If we give you the right training and supply work in your local area (as a PDI or ADI) then you will want to stay - thats before we talk about car supply, 24/7 support or our free training nights…

Free training nights?

We did say we’re different. At our training academy we hold a weekly training session for free, this is open to PDI’s and ADI’s and you’ll often find an eclectic mix of seasoned ADI’s, newly qualified ADI’s and fresh PDI’s ready for training. It’s a great way for people to meet and mix and the conversations and debates we get going are great - there’s no right or wrong answer’s either! We’re currently working to bring this online with zoom classes thanks to covid-19 and in the future we hope to do zoom attendance with the live sessions sharing full recordings of the sessions with our instructors.

I’m looking for a new trainer / sponsor school.

We see this far too often and it’s generally from the same training establishments. We’re here to help but you have to be realistic on what you can achieve, don’t ask us for help 2 days before your final attempt at part 3. If you need help or even a second opinion on the training you have received then give us a call or complete our callback form. We have great experience in part 3 rescue but everyone is different and part 3 rescue training can be a little more intense, we don’t just have to train you the right way, we need to make you forget the wrong way.

What areas do you offer training in?

We normally offer training in the Northwest of England, Chester to Preston and over to West Manchester but we’ll talk to anybody in the UK. Thanks to online training tools like our online learning management system and zoom we can help people across the UK train to become a driving instructor - but we would suggest being close enough for the occasional trip to Liverpool where our training centre is!

Can I find out more?

You can, we prefer the personal approach - if you want to talk to one of our trainers (not a salesperson sitting in an office) then fill in the callback form on this page. Our ORDIT trainers are very busy but we normally manage to get them to call you within 48 hours.


All complaints will be treated fairly and professionally. If you have any concerns or issues that you feel you cannot bring up with your trainer please let us know as soon as possible. You can talk to us immediately through our phone lines or you can log an official complaint by writing to us at the below address.

Driving Instructor Training
The Driving Academy,
Unit 3,
Prescot Road,
L31 1AN

You will reply in writing within 10 working days of us receiving your complaint. If you are unhappy with our response then you can escalate your complaint further by writing to:

The Register of Approved Driving Instructors
Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency
Stanley House
Talbot Street

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Find out more about the part 1 test by visiting our dedicated part 1 page. The Part 1 test

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Driving instructor training reviews

Some reviews from people who have taken our ADI training courses.

I came to The Driving Academy as a struggling PDI who had suffered from poor training from another driving school previously resulting in two Part 3 test fails.

Immediately Stu and Mike made me feel at ease and their input improved my abilities as an instructor almost immediately.

They promptly and effectively identified my main areas of weakness (there were several) together with an action plan to fix these areas using a variety of methods and techniques.

My instructing improved, and was noted by my pupils too and, feeling much more confident, was able to book and pass my final attempt at Part 3 and as a result qualifying as an Approved Driving Instructor.

I don’t know what I would have done had I not reached out to The Driving Academy for help and failed again. They salvaged my career and my sanity.
Kev B

Kev B

Part 3 Rescue

I started with The Driving Academy in October 2018 not knowing what i was letting myself in for. Something id looked at doing for a while but never had the push i needed so to speak. First apt Stu and Mike came to my house and introduced themselves from then i knew i wanted to be apart of TDA Family.

Started my training towards pt1 straight away and passed in Dec 18, Onto pt2 completed my 10hrs and sat test passed 1st time felt amazing... pt3 was hard work but with the help and support from TDA i passed 2nd attempt on 23rd Dec Best christmas present ever...

Every1 at TDA is a pleaure to work with from The office, Trainers and Other Adi/Pdi instructors. I no i could have never got through it all if it wasnt for Stu and Mike. Thankyou to every1 xxx


Full training course

I joined the Driving Academy in November 2017 and in Just 7 months Training with the driving academy I passed my part 3 test with them to become an ADI.

I would like to say a big big big thank you to Stu and Mike for all the hours of lessons we did especially Driving over to Upton on my part 2.

I would recommend Stu,Mike and any of the instructors I have had the pleasure of meeting. Their support, skill, knowledge and patience is outstanding.

I’m now starting training this week to help me with my first standards check and stu and mike are at there to help me pass it.


Full training course

Driving instructor training FAQ's

Have a question? Want a quick answer? The most common instructor training FAQ's can be found below!

How much does it cost to become a driving instructor?

To see prices in please visit our instructor training packages page.

How much will I earn as a driving instructor?

You can earn as much or as litle as you want. It entirely depends on the areas you work and how hard you work - take our hourly price, times it by how many hours you wish to work (remmeber to add in travel time between lessons) Deduct costs for car, fuel, insurance and franchise (if you use one) and thats you're rough wage.

We wont make empty promises, let's work out your realistic wage!

How long does training take?

Again, this is down to you, do you have a current job you have to train around? Are you eager to get qualified as soon as possible? Realistically it takes 6-12 months to train, but it can vary based on your needs.

Will I be my own boss?

We hate that phrase. Technically yes, as a self employed driving instructor you work for yourself, but most instructors will work under a brand / franchise to help supply work and maybe a car if you dont have your own.

Are there any hidden fee's?

We don't hide fee's. You have your DBS check, application, test fee's and badge fee's on top of our training costs.

Do I have to use an ORDIT trainer?

No, ORDIT is just a programe that check we are doing our job and have proper process in place, any driving instructor can train instructors it's down to your personal preferences - our advice is always pick someone who has the experience and knowledge (like our trainers Mike & Stu!)