The practical driving Test

This handy guide is dedicated to everything you need to know about your practical car driving test.

The practical driving Test

What is the ‘Practical driving test’

The practical driving test is the last test you need to pass before you get your driving license. Before you can sit your practical test you must pass your hazard perception and theory tests (both taken, and must be passed at the same time)

Taking your practical driving test

The practical test is designed to make sure you can drive safely (with confidence) within different road and traffic conditions. You must also show that you know The Highway Code (also showing this by the way you drive). It lasts around 40 minutes.

At the beginning of your practical driving test, your examiner will perform an eyesight check and will ask you a question about safety checks on your car.

You will also be asked a second ‘show me’ question, something along the lines of ‘showing how to wash the windscreen using the car controls) later, while you’re driving.

Independent driving section

In your test there will be around 20 minutes of the test where you will demonstrate you can drive independently: the examiner will ask you to follow directions or signs to reach a set destination. This part of the practical test is designed to show you can drive and navigate the roads on your own once you have passed your driving test.

You will most likely be asked to follow a route on a sat nav provided by the driving examiner. Around one in five driving tests won’t use a sat-nav, instead you’ll be asked to follow road signs instead.

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