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Looking for driving lessons Wirral? We have you covered! Our local, Wirral based driving instructors know every trick in the book to help you pass your driving test.

We don’t need to make any bold claims or twist random figures to make us look good, every week we publish our pass photos on social media so you can see just how many people pass their driving tests with The Driving Academy

The Driving Academy Driving lessons in Wirral

Since 2003 we have been offering driving lessons in Wirral, and with over 30 years experience delivering driving lessons across the UK we’re the easy choice. We have a simple mission, our mission is to get you through your driving test as quickly as possible to the highest, safest standards. Our other mission is to do this a cheaply as possible, you save cash, think we’re great and you tell your friends how good we are. Since 2003 this has been our goal and it has kept us busy since we opened!

Are we the best driving school on the Wirral?

Let’s be honest, every driving instructor / driving school will claim to be the best with great pass rates and they’re the best option to pass your driving test, so we wont. What we’ll do is show you how good we are, every Friday around 6pm we’ll update our facebook / twitter / instagram (all the social medias) with photographs of real people who have passed your test alongside the 100+ 5* reviews we have on facebook! We don’t need to make ridiculous claims as we prefer to show our true colours with pass photos and reviews so if you want to book driving lessons Wirral, we’re the best option!

Our Driving lessons

Our driving lessons are tailored for you. Our instructors are trained to be as flexible as possible and identify the best way to help you learn. From single hours to double lessons or crash courses our instructors are there to help and provide all the advice, training and help you need. All of our lessons last a full hour and can be taken in multiples. We have both Male and Female instructors available and the cars are fully insured and dual controlled, there really is no better place to learn to drive.

Questions? Get in touch. Our team are here to help and answer any of your questions, no matter how big or small.

Wirral Crash Driving Course

Crash driving course’s aren’t always the best way to learn. We only recommend crash driving course’s to people who have already passed their theory & hazard perception tests and we also recommend there has been some driving experience. If you would like to know more have a look at our Crash Course Wirral page.

Train to become an ADI

We’re constantly looking for epic driving instructors to join our team. If you’re an ADI looking to join a family run driving school then give us a call. Not qualified? No problem because we have tasked two of our best instructors with training new driving instructors across the Wirral and they’re doing a great job. Have a look at our driving instructor training page.

Driving instructor training

Our Wirral Driving instructors

Nobody wants to get into a car with a stranger. We have a full list of our driving instructors covering Wirral, Liverpool and Southport. On each instructors profile you can find out about the car they drive, areas they cover and a quick Q&A to get to know them better. You will also find the instructors own, personal reviews and pass photos on their pages – we try to update these as often as possible but we do get loads of passes and reviews so they may not be the most recent – have a look on facebook for our latest passes!

Manual or Automatic Lessons

Choosing between manual or automatic driving lessons has always been a simple choice, and we feel it still is. When you pass your driving test in a manual car you are automatically allowed to drive an automatic. If you pass in an auto, then you can only ever drive an automatic.  When you want to drive a manual car you will have to take another test with additional cost.

Automatics are becoming a lot more common with over 30% of new cars now auto, but our advice is still the same. Learn in a manual and then have the freedom of choice. At the moment we do not offer any automatic driving lessons on the Wirral.

But automatics are easier to learn, right? Well yes, essentially it’s a lot easier to drive an auto but if you are taught correctly then a manual car is just as easy.

Local driving school

Founded in Liverpool in 2003 and driving instructors across the Wirral, Liverpool and Southport we truly are a local company!

We’re a family run driving school

We have built up our driving school for over 15 years to be an A-team of epic driving instructors. With over 30 years experience in the driving school industry and 2 generations of our family being fully approved driving instructors (ADIS) we have been able to attract the best driving instructors Wirral has to offer.

Trusted driving school

Our reviews speak for themselves! We have loads of reviews for our driving lessons Wirral. We understand that finding and choosing the right driving instructor is important and we try and get as many reviews as possible – why not head on over to our facebook page to read some of our reviews?