The second section of the theory test is the Hazard perception test. This is where you sit at the computer and watch a video clip, of your view of the road ahead, as if you were the driver.

As you drive along the road you should be looking for what is called a developing hazard, and this does cause problems, if you are not taught to a high standard.

For example, as you drive along the road you may see a young person walking along the pavement, this is not a developing hazard, but as soon as that pedestrian turns and starts to run towards the road, which would take him in front of your vehicle, now he has become a developing hazard.

You should, by now, be prepared to slow down, possibly even stop. If he was too close to you, you may even have to swerve away from him, Have you been checking your mirrors, do you know what is behind you, would it be safe to swerve away from the pedestrian?

If you click the computer mouse immediately the pedestrian starts to run out, you would be marked with the maximum 5 marks, if you are a little late you would only get 4 marks, later still 3 marks, and then 2 marks, and finally 1 mark..If you are later than this you would receive 0 marks, because if you are this late, you have probably knocked the pedestrian over by this time.

So think about it, the examinations should not be looked upon as a nuisance, but rather as a teaching aid, it does actually make it easier to learn to drive if you study for your theory examinations early.

The Driving Academy provide an online theory and hazard pereception test to all of our clients, we also supply both of the CD-Roms for the theory test and hazard perception test, for which we will ask for a deposit of £10 for each CD but after you have passed your Theory test, if you return both of the CD’s we will refund your deposit in full.

Your tuition for the theory test need cost you no money at all. The Driving Academy did at one time supply these free of charge, but as is human nature, they were not being returned and so we have been forced to make this charge.

We will say that we have personally taught a number of pupil’s who delayed, and delayed their theory test, until they were at test standard, and then guess what – they failed the theory test, and sometimes they failed it again.

We were then in a position of having a very good driver, ready for their driving test but unable to book it.

We have then had to advise the pupil to halt their driving lessons, until they have passed their theory test. I must say that at that time, there was a very long waiting list for driving tests.

This advice was given solely with the intention of saving the pupil money, as we have said before, LEARN WITH PEOPLE WHO CARE. After the pupils had passed their theory test, we resumed our lessons, and they have all passed their test now.

GOOD LUCK from all at The Driving Academy.