We currently have a need for new driving instructors in the South of Liverpool. We are currently turning work away in these areas.

We are currently turning work away in both of these area’s and have waiting list’s at present so have an immediate workload for the right instructor.

Why work with us?

  • Family run by ADI’s
  • Small working area’s (less travel time)
  • Above average lesson prices with no introductory offers
  • 24/7 support
  • Professionally designed and printed business cards, appointment sheets, timesheets and other work related material.
  • 2 Weeks holiday and a free week at Christmas.
  • Christmas night out
  • All advertising (Website, SEO, Social media)
  • Christmas savings club
  • Instructor of the year competition (£75, £50, £30 Vouchers for top 3 places – measured off pass photos and reviews)
  • Franchise discount for stickering your car (optional)

Driving School Cars

You can use your own car, one of our car’s or we can help you lease/buy your own. We do not have any restrictions or limits on cars, age or mileage but we do ask for it to be in good working order and in a presentable condition. If a car is constantly letting you and your pupils down this reflects badly on the company. All options are available with or without our stickers, if you chose to have our stickers we will fit these for you and remove & polish your car when needed.