What is the average amount of driving lessons needed?

Chances are you’ve been asking yourself ‘how many driving lessons will I need?’ In the run up to applying and starting your driving lessons. There are two answers we can give you to this –

On average, learners need 45 hours tuition along with private practice at home.

The only answer you should care about – it doesn’t matter.

In 17 years we’ve had thousands of learners grace our driving school cars, old and young, thin or fat, short or tall, all genders all ethnicity’s and there is one fact that cannot be ignored. Everybody is different and you shouldn’t compare yourself to anybody else.

Some people can be natural drivers, to others, driving a car is a very alien experience completely out of their comfort zone. Some people are eager to learn to drive and some people do it out of necessity. We’ve saw people pass in 10 hours or less and we’ve saw people take 60 hours. We have saw excellent drivers  fail test after test due to being nervous yet on a lesson they drive perfectly.

We get a lot of phone-calls asking ‘what is the average number of driving lessons to pass my test’  – unfortunately we don’t keep crystal balls beside our phones, the only way anybody can accurately predict how many driving lessons you will need is to see you in a car driving.

Any driving instructor can estimate how many lessons you need after you have had a few hours of driving lessons, as they can identify your learning style and gauge how many hours it will take you – but these can only ever be estimates. If you are concerned about how many lessons you may need or feel you need an assessment lesson to check on your progress then we are here to help – give is a call on 0800 9 70 40 30 and speak to one of our team!