What is a PDI driving instructor?

There are two types of driving instructors, most commonly you will see them referred to as ADI’s and PDI’s.

ADI’s are the most common type of driving instructor, this stands for Approved Driving Instructor – this means they have completed their training course and passed 3 tests in order to gain their ADI status – an ADI is given a green square badge which must be displayed in their car.

PDI stands for Potential Driving Instructor. This type of driving instructor is currently working towards their final test in order to become an ADI. In order to give and charge for driving lessons a PDI must apply for a ‘pink badge’. This is their trainee license which allows them to gain experience before attempting their final text. A PDI does not need to complete this step but the experience they gain is very valuable. A PDI is identified by a pink triangle shaped badge in their window.

Should I learn to drive with a PDI?

ADI’s have a lot more experience but a PDI has already completed a lot of training to get to this stage, they should be just as good. It depends entirely on the driving school and the level of their driving instructor trainers. Here at The Driving Academy our ORDIT trainers only allow PDI driving instructors to teach when they meet our high expectations. The decision between ADI or PDI should be negligible as all instructors have to meet our high standards!

Some driving schools may try and pass them off as something else, we have saw the term ‘Advanced driving instructor’ and ‘Professional driving instructor’ used quite often – these aren’t the official terms. Often driving schools will hide if a driving instructor is a PDI, we have received calls for help periodically when a different driving school’s PDI has failed all 3 attempts to qualify or their badge has expired meaning they can no longer offer driving lessons. Thankfully the majority of our PDI’s go on to become ADI’s with great reputations.