You wouldn’t order a lifetime’s supply of shoes without trying one on first so why would you book driving lessons without trying on the driving school?

We think we’re a lovely bunch but you can’t just take our word for it, have a look at some of our driving lesson reviews failing that you can have a look over our driving instructor profiles to see what they all looks like and what they drive.

Anyway the point is until you’re in the car on your first lesson you don’t know what to expect, will you like your instructor? will you be able to see the steering wheel? will you be too tall for the car? There are hundreds of reasons why you might not enjoy your driving lessons but expecting you to commit to 10 driving lessons to get our best deals ridiculous, it’s not how we want to work.

Try Before you buy offer!

We had a think, then a meeting over lunch, then a few ideas we had a brainwave, why make new learners commit to a big bundle discount before they know what to expect? So we’re proud to announce our Try before you buy block booking deal.

It’s simple,  take your first driving lesson for just £10, if you like us and want to take advantage of our block booking deal, pay the outstanding balance and receive the other 9 driving lessons.