Trailer Lessons

Are you towing legally? We offer trailer driving lessons across the North West!

Trailer Lessons


Want to gain your B+E Entitlement to tow, we can help with a towing course, available across most of the North West!


If you passed your driving test after 1 Jan 1997 your license is more restricted than somebody who passed before that date


Unsure what you're entitled to drive / tow? Check your entitlement online at the DVSA website.

Looking for trailer or towing lessons?

Towing a trailer is a bit of a marmite thing, you either never do it, or it feel like a second hobby. Trailers can be used for both leisure and work, with lot’s of companies needing employees to gain their B+E qualification to tow work machinery. Towing a trailer requires a higher level of skill from drivers, with knowledge of weight limits and load balancing needed with a higher level of driving closer to HGV driving standards.

There are currently 2 entitlements for drivers based on when you originally passed your driving test. If you passed on or after 1st January 1997 you are now required to pass the B+E car and trailer driving test, which allows you to tow trailers over 750kg. This allows you to tow things such as large caravans, car trailers and horse box’s.

There is no additional theory test for your B+E test but we highly recommend brushing up on your highway code beforehand as it will help! The B+E test currently costs £115 but we include this as part of your course fee’s. If you’re towing for work then ask your HR department about any grants available.

What you will learn?

You’ll learn to

  • Couple and uncouple your trailer to the vehicle
  • Load your trailer and learn about load balancing
  • Braking exercises to ensure safety
  • Weight limitations (MAM)
  • Legal requirements for towing

Course options

We have 2 trailer / towing courses available, both designed for you to get the most out of our course.

Half day course (5 hours) £340

Designed for people with towing experience already, our half day course is designed with 3 hours training before your practical B+E test. We assume you already have some knowledge of coupling and uncoupling your trailer along with weight limitations and safe operating of your trailer. This course is designed to rectify issues with your driving and ensure you will pass your B+E test.

Full day course (7 hours) £430

Designed for complete beginners, this course will run through the full training within 1 day. With 5 hours training and your practical B+E test, it is designed to give you all the knowledge and experience you need to pass your B+E test.

Both courses include your £115 test fee. If you fail your B+E test you can purchase additional hours at £50 per hour and your test fee (Trailer and car hire required of 2 hours for your test).

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We offer Trailer courses across the North West!

If you're looking to gain your B+E licence and take trialer lessons in the North West then you've come to the right place. Our B+E driving instructors offer lessons across the Northwest, if your area isnt covered don't worry we offer trailer lessons from our office in North Liverpool or we can meet you somewhere more local, complete a callback form above:

  • Runcorn
  • Southport
  • St Helens
  • Warrington
  • Widnes
  • Wigan
  • Wirral
  • Chester
  • Chorley
  • Ellesmere Port
  • Liverpool
  • Northwich
  • Ormskirk
  • Preston

Our Trailer (B+E) Instructors

Chris - Automatic driving instructor in Liverpool


: VW Passat (Auto)

: Tuebrook, Norris Green & Everton

Meet Chris
Stu - ORDIT Driving instructor Liverpool


: Nissan Qashqai

: South Liverpool

Meet Stu

Towing Driving Lesson (B+E) FAQ's

Have a question? Want a quick answer? The most common towing lesson FAQ's can be found below!

What can I tow?

The rules and regulations on what you can tow are different depending on what date you passed your driving test. You can have a look at the DVSA to see what you can legally tow at the moment.

How many hours of towing lessons will I need?

We have two courses available, one for beginners and one for experience tow-ers! Talk to us if you are unsure what course you need!

What car will I learn to tow in?

We have 2 tow vehicles at the moment, a Nissan Qashqai (manual) and a Volkswagen Passat (Auto) You may prefer to take your B+E test in your own car, talk to us to find out if its possible.

What does the B+E test cost?

The DVSA currently charges £115 for a B+E test, if you need to use our car and trailer this is an additional fee of £90, test fee and car/trailer use is included in our courses.

If I tow illegally and get caught what is the likely penalty?

Each case is different, but initially 3 points and a fine. You could also be charged with no insurance as you do not have the correct license, which would be 6 more penalty points and a fine - it's just not worth the risk.

What happens if my employee tow's illegally?

The driver will obviously get the points and fines discussed in the penalty FAQ, but the employer will be deemed at fault aswell as you should be checking driver's license and entitlements. This could bring criminal charges against the employer.