Norris Green driving test centre (Liverpool)

Norris Green is the main driving test centre for learners in North Liverpool. In 2019-2020 13,020 driving tests took place at Norris Green. 5237 Of these passed resulting in a pass rate of 40.2% in Norris Green driving test centre (Liverpool).

Falklands Approach, Parthenon Drive,
Merseyside, Norris Green, L11 5BR

Pass rate – 40.2%

Norris Green Test Centre – Instructors Top Tips

Norris Green is a brilliant test centre, learners going for test need to be care full of the double roundabout – but you should have covered this before your test with your instructor.

Stuart Rigby
DVSA (ORDIT) ADI – Covering Norris Green

Norris Green Instructor test Tips

Norris Green Driving Test Centre

Norris Green is the main driving test centre for Central and North Liverpool. Learners can also opt to take their driving test in Southport, Speke, Widnes or St Helens driving test centre’s but we always recommend staying in an area you know! Norris green offers standard car tests alongside ADI part 1 and part 2 driving instructor tests.

Norris Green pass rate

The average pass rate for each driving test centre is recorded, here you can find the last few years for Norris Green. The pass rate is for all driving tests taken at Norris Green and not just our instructors.

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
45.4% 44.3% 43.7% 42.0% 40.2%

Although the current pass rate may not fill you with confidence, remember that it all depends on you. Get the right training and apply for your practical driving test when you are ready and it will give you a good chance of passing your driving test at Norris Green.

Last minute driving tests at Norris Green

We often get asked if we can cover a test at short notice. On the rare occasion we can help we will always be eager to know as much about your driving history as possible and get you out for an assessment driving lessons as quickly as possible.

Pass your driving test with us!

The best way to pass your driving test in Norris Green is to learn with the experts. We offer driving lessons in Liverpool with some of the best driving instructors in the area. If you’re serious about passing your test, then get in touch or give us a call on 0800 9 70 40 30.

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