Accident’s happen, you could be the best driver in the world but somebody could run into the rear of your car, a quick unavoidable sneeze can see you tap the car infront. We were sitting in the office the other day having the usual car related discussion’s when we started arguing over Southport car crash hotspots. The obvious candidate was Kew roundabout,  Lord street (as one of the busiest roads in Southport) and Cambridge Road / Marshside road junction.

Southport car crash hotspots!

We decided to find out the facts and put together a list of Southport’s car crash hostspots. All crash’s reported to the police get logged on a crash database and it is now available to view online, click here to view the crash map.

A major part in our logic here is to educate anybody who plan’s to drive in Southport, as a good driving instructor will train you to spot hazard’s but there are people out there looking to cause car crash’s so they can claim compensation, you can call these people professional crash-ers. You would most likely have seen them on some sort of police TV show, generally they find a good junction or roundabout and will slam on in-front of cars to try and cause an accident.

We aren’t looking to name certain junctions as crash for cash hotspots, we’re just pointing out area’s that have more crash’s than others.

We decided to focus on the 2011-2014 period and we covered the whole of Southport. We didn’t take into account the severity of the crash purely the amount of crash’s at set locations.


Kew Roundabout

Kew Roundabout was one of the location’s we mentioned when we first discussed the idea of crash hotspots, it’s a large roundabout coupled with retail area’s, meaning some driver’s aren’t paying too much attention. Between 2011 and 2014 there where 10 accident’s on Kew roundabout, with a further 2 accident’s on the mini-roundabout and 3 on the second roundabout outside Tesco and Toyota. Only 1 crash on Kew roundabout involved 1 car, the remaining 9 crash’s all featured 2 car’s.

Our driving instructor Stu had these thought’s on the Kew Roundabout:

Kew roundabout is simple when broken down into it’s basic component’s, but when you get indecisive driver’s on their way to/from shopping and commuter’s trying to get in / out of Southport there will alway’s be accident’s.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 4.52.07 PM

Cambridge road / Preston New road

The worst (in our opinion) would have to be the Cambridge Road to Preston New Road junction. With 9 collisions over 4 years it’s not a frequent crash site, but with 3 serious and 1 fatal collision it’s certainly a dangerous junction.

Cambridge Road Junction, car crash hotspots in Southport

Lord Street.

One of the busiest road’s in Southport, Lord street has lot’s of side street’s and even more on street parking which is a recipe for disaster. We also need to bear in mind many tourists would be drawn to Lord Street, their lack of local area could also be a huge factor in the number of crash’s here. The Duke street mini roundabout had 10 collisions between 2011-14, the main Lord street had 45 collisions and a further 6 accidents on the Manchester road roundabout. In 2013 there was a serious collision which resulted in a fatality.

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Eastbank Street

Similar to Lord street Eastbank street suffers with lot’s of parking and side streets, with pedestrian’s out shopping towards Lord Street. Most people will be familiar with Eastbank street, especially learner drivers as the driving test center is located within Eastbank house. With 21 collisions over 4 years it show’s the importance of being alert in built up areas.


Liverpool / Weld road (Birkdale Village)

Not a major crash hotspot with just 8 collisions over the past 4 years, situated right by the train station the interesting part is 50% of them only involved 1 vehicle, presumably hitting street furniture or pedestrians.

Car crash hotspots can be anywhere, you just need to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to find out. our Southport car crash hotspots list has been compiled to highlight the key areas you need to be extra vigilant, but you should always remember an accident can happen anywhere!

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