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Our female driving instructor in Wavertree! Suzanne is a great driving instructor and a popular choice with learners – being voted the third best driving instructor on the Liverpool Echo!!

Suzanne offers driving lessons in Dingle, Toxteth, Wavertree and Edge hill.

Suzanne Female Driving instructor Wavertree

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Suzanne Female driving instructor in Wavertree

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    What’s your favourite part of being a driving instructor?
    Seeing pupils start with no previous driving experience and see them go on to pass!

    Most memorable driving lesson?
    When a pupil thought it was safe to go RIGHT on a roundabout! I would like to point out this was dealt with in a safe way :)

    Whats your favourite lesson to teach?
    I love my job so have too many to mention but I enjoy Roundabouts lessons!

    Your favourite teaching area?
    Depending on lesson plan but Norris Green is a good area.

    What’s the worst part of the job for you?
    When pupils are Frustrated with their ability to do things first time! Driving doesn’t come naturally to some we all learn at different stages!

    Why did you train to become a driving instructor?
    Started in October 2018 Qualified in December 2019 with the help from Team TDA!

    What jobs did you have before becoming a driving instructor?
    I worked in a call center for 14 years starting off as a Customer advisor before coming a call center trainer :) Ive always liked learning people new things!

    Why did you pick your car to teach in / what do you like about it?
    Like the look of the Juke and when i got in it i knew straight away it was going to be a good teaching car. Higher than some cars so amazing view and the added extras really do help!

    How old where you when you passed your driving test?
    17 years and 10months!

    Did you pass first time?
    Yes… Of course ;)

    What advice would you go back and give yourself when you where learning to drive?
    Remember to keep it Safe! Take your time…. Its not a race or competition!

    When you aren’t teaching where can we find you?
    Spending quality time with my family 4 children to keep me busy outside work!

    Favourite food?
    I love food from all around the world but my favourite has to be simple Minced Beef, Mash and Vegetables :)

    Favourite Sports / Team?
    Football – Liverpool

    Claim to fame?
    Don’t think I have any really.  My Dad used to be a Chauffeur for LFC though….

    What music is in your car?
    R&B usually…. But i like music from Old school to Mowtown! Sad i no!

    Suzanne’s Driving Lesson Reviews

    Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about Suzanne’s driving lessons!

    I am doing my driving lessons with suzanne, i wasnt very confident to begin with, very nervous. Ive had 5 lessons so far and my confidence has rocketed. Thanks to suzanne x


    I am being taught by Suzanne. She’s a fantastic instructor and very patient. I explained my experience driving and she was quick to understand what I need to learn/ improve on. Suzanne is great at listening and very kind. She makes me feel safe and have confidence in my driving. I look forward to our future driving lessons and passing my test in the near future! She is highly recommended.


    After having an awful experience with a previous driving instructor (different company) .. I decided to go with the driving academy.
    Suzanne gave me so much confidence when sitting behind the wheel and made sure I felt comfortable.
    I ALWAYS enjoy my lessons and I think that’s important when it comes to learning.
    Thank you Suzanne x

    Shan Shan

    instructor. Always ready to help me and answer my questions even if we are not on the road.Suzanne helps me a lot to become more confident. At the beginning I was so scared,how I will understand the instructions or everything,because English isn’t my mother language, but i don’t feel this as a problem at all.
    I’m so so happy and thankful that I can learn to drive with Suzanne and The Driving Academy.


    Suzanne’s Pass Photos

    Pictures can say 1000 words, some of Suzanne’s recent driving test success photo’s!