Meet Steve

Steve Driving instructor Walton LiverpoolSteve is our newest driving instructor and was fully trained by us, he’s a great teacher with a history of giving driving lessons in the Army!

Steve covers North Liverpool offering Driving lessons in Walton, Kirkdale, Anfield, Everton and Vauxhall.

Steve offers driving lessons in a top of the range, diesel Vauxhall Corsa SE which comes with some special features such as heated seats and steering wheel! The car is fully insured and dual controlled so you can relax on your driving lessons knowing you’re safe.


A Quick Q&A with Steve

Why did you become a driving instructor?
One of my responsibilities as an NCO in the British Army was to teach and help soldiers in my company to pass their driving test to obtain their licences. Once passed they would then be trained to drive tracked vehicles, (H) entitlement to drive armoured personal carriers for our armoured peace keeping role based in Germany, deployments to Bosnia and later Iraq. I really enjoyed that role and continued teaching members of the regiment to drive upon our return to the London, UK. On leaving the Army I chose a career in the emergency services but always thought that one day, as I approached retirement, I would return to doing what I enjoyed most all those years ago. A career as a Qualified Driving Instructor. I enjoy meeting different people, helping them achieve the goals and ambitions.

If you weren’t a driving instructor, what would you be doing?
If I wasn’t a driving instructor I would be traveling around Europe.

Tell us something nobody knows bout you?
Erm, well I used to Guard Her Majesty The Queen and the Royal family at the Royal Palaces in London as a soldier in the 1st Battalion Irish Guards.

Favourite car?
Love my Motorhome

Did you pass your driving test first time?
Yes, in 1980 and was taught by the Army while based at Warminster.

How old where you when you learnt to drive?
I was 19

If you could give any advice to yourself when you took your driving lessons what would it be?
Listen to your instructors, they know best!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Camping, traveling and attending music festivals.

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