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The guy who started The Driving Academy back in 2003

Peter Driving Instructor Maghull


Meet Peter, Peter founded The Driving Academy back in 2003, with a great reputation amongst other driving instructors, the company quickly grew to over 10 cars within it’s first 2 years. Peter qualified as a driving instructor in 1988 and has worked all over the north west and also 5 years in Dundee.

To this day Peter still “get’s his hands dirty teaching on the frontline”, He has a real passion for his job and has expanded to also training new driving instructors, with a high number of our driving instructors qualifying after training with Peter – His own son Stu even qualified with him!

When not in the car teaching driving lessons you can normally finding him playing golf or trying to wind somebody up, if he has no luck he’ll be in the garden or looking after his fish!

Nothing says how good a driving instructor is like photographic proof, so here are Peter’s latest passes:

A Quick Q&A with Peter...

Why did you become a driving instructor?

I am my own boss, meeting different people, teaching different subjects at different places every hour or two

Whats the best part of your job?
The look on the pupils face when they realise that they can do something which they thought that they couldn’t do

Whats the worst part of your job?
The drive home if the pupil has failed the test

Favourite lesson to teach
Controls lesson, that is the basis for every other subject

Favourite area for teaching in
Kirkby industrial estate, perfect for a novice

What did you do before you became an ADI
I was a welder, really enjoyed it

Diesel or petrol?
No preference, slightly different explanation, that’s all

Why did you choose a Mercedes A Class to teach in?
Possibly the nicest car I have ever sat in, really comfortable and loaded with technology I don’t understand, plus it looks great!

You have space for 5 cars in your dream garage, what would they be?
Chitty chatty bang bang, rolls corniche, Bentley, Jenson interceptor, and a Cadillac Seville

How old where you when you passed your driving test?

What would you say to the learning to drive version of yourself now?

Do things slowly and you will learn quickly

When your not in the car where can we find you?
At home, dusting, polishing, cooking. Just doing whatever my wife tells me to do. HONEST

Favourite food?
Fillet Steak

Favourite band/music?
The Beatles of course

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