Mike Joined us back in January 2016 and it’s hard to think of life without him as part of our team now! In his first week with us Mike managed to get an amazing 4 passes, well and truly making his mark and over the next 2 years he’s gathered over 70 passes!

Mike was the winner of our ADI of the year 2016 and second place in 2017 missing out by just 1 single pass!

Mike has been an instructor since 2000 and currently teach’s in a BMW Mini Cooper 1.2 turbo. Mike is a great, natural teacher and he’s responsible for teaching our trainee instructors for their part 3 driving instructor exam – another job he excel’s at!

Currently Mike has taken it upon himself to explore something he has always been interested in – sign language with the hope to being able to bring an extra skill into his teaching and help people learn to drive with hearing difficulties.

Mike currently covers Ormskirk and all areas of Southport.

Mike Driving instructor Southport

Mike’s Pass Photo’s

Quick Q&A

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