Meet Karen, Your local Huyton driving instructor

Karen is our female driving instructor in Huyton and the surrounding areas.

A firm favourite with pupils and an absolute credit to our team – read more about Karen below!

Karen Huyton Driving Instructor

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    Why did you become a driving instructor?
    I love helping people achieve their goals. It Gives me a great feeling knowing I have given someone the freedom on the road to safe driving. It’s very rewarding for me.

    What’s your most memorable driving lesson?
    Taking my daughter out for the first time in the car.

    What’s your favourite lesson to teach?
    Roundabouts – as I feel they are the most challenging. Although sometimes scary 😉

    What’s your favourite area to teach in?
    Norris green

    What’s the worst part of the job for you?
    Dark early cold mornings

    Why did you train to become an instructor?
    It’s a very rewarding job . Knowing you have given someone a great deal of freedom whether it be not having to wait for buses to being able to do things they could never do.

    What did you work as before being an instructor?
    Cashier in cash and carry and a key worker in nursery.

    Why did you pick your car to teach in / what do you like about it?
    It’s comfy and drives really nice great car for teaching in . Smooth and easy to drive.

    How old where you when you passed your driving test?
    18 years

    Did you pass first time?

    What advice would you give yourself when you where learning to drive?
    Take it seriously as it’s a big responsibility being safe on the road. Not just for you and your family. But for other road users and their family’s!

    When you aren’t teaching, where can we find you?
    In wales in my second home (caravan).

    Favourite food?

    Favourite Sports / Team?
    Gym / Everton

    What’s your claim to fame?
    Flown a glyder solo and met Lynsey From brookside 😮

    What music is in your car?

    Karen’s Driving Lesson Reviews

    Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about Karen’s driving lessons!

    I’ve had multiple driving instructors and Karen was my last hope and helped me smash my test to the best of my ability. She has patience an helps u feel so calm. Out the whole of Liverpool I would recommend her. I wish I would of went with her at the start because I would of past a long time ago. Can’t thank the team enough. Thank you!!!! We did it guys 🤩🤩🤩

    Rachel de la Cruz

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