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Carl Joined us back in 2016 and has truly proven his skills with a truckload of passes!

Carl is a highly skilled driver, an ex lorry driver and a keen biker (currently riding an R6), Carl’s vast experience really shows through his teaching with his pass rate – have a look at his pass photo’s below!

Carl currently teach’s in a BMW Mini Cooper 1.6 Diesel and offers driving lessons in Crosby, Waterloo, Thornton and Litherland.



Quick Q&A with Carl

Why Did you become a driving instructor?
I became a driving instructor because I love driving so it didn’t feel like work and I could spend more time with my kids

What did you do before you where an ADI?
Before I was an ADI. I was a long distance lorry driver. Sleeping in my wagon Monday to Friday driving around the country carrying dangerous chemicals.

Whats the best part for being a driving instructor?
The best part of the job is when you teach somebody who has never driven before and they’re really nervous, then a few lessons later they’re confident in driving and proud of themselves, they never thought they would be able to do it.

Did you pass your test first time?
I didn’t pass my test first time as I didn’t know what to expect I was way to nervous. I passed second time. I have been driving since I was very young haha 12/13 I used to drive my brothers cars (Private land).

What advice would you give to yourself when you where learning to drive?
Be patient, driving is a life skill that can’t be learnt quickly and takes time. It’s like anything new, the more practice you get the better you become. The more relaxed you are the better you drive.

Where can we find you in your spare time?
In my spare time I love doing Brazilian ju-jitsu, wrestling and going the gym. We are big MMA fans in our house and if my lad isn’t trying to armbarr me or something every time I sit down there is something wrong hahaha!

Favourite test centre?
Norris green. All the examiners are nice and tend to relax the pupils a bit more than other test centres.

Finally, Tell us something not many people know about you.
I’ve got metal plates in my jaw after a bad motorbike crash when I was 19, half of my face is permanently numb just like in the dentist haha.

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