Meet Bob – Our Huyton driving instructor

Bob driving instructor Huyton

Bob is a driving instructor offering driving lessons in Huyton and the surround areas

Bob driving instructor Huyton

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    What’s your favourite part of being a driving instructor?
    I like to watch my pupils grow in confidence and obtain an important life skill.

    Most memorable driving lesson?
    My first pupil’s second lesson. The look on his face once he’d completed the skill of moving off and then stopping. 🙂

    Whats your favourite lesson to teach?
    Roundabouts are interesting.

    Your favourite teaching area?
    I enjoy all areas.

    Why did you train to become a driving instructor
    I’ve always enjoyed helping people improve their skills.

    What jobs did you have before becoming a driving instructor?
    Always had a driving job but spent my previous 28 years working on the Port of Liverpool as a plant machinery operator/instructor. A qualification I achieved in the TA (Marchwood Military Port).

    Why did you pick your car to teach in / what do you like about it?
    The Kia Pro’ceed is nicely equipped and people are impressed with the style.

    How old where you when you passed your driving test?

    Did you pass first time?

    What advice would you go back and give yourself when you where learning to drive?
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    When you aren’t teaching where can we find you?
    Relaxing at home with a good book or film.

    Favourite food?
    Steak or roast pork   mmmmmm

    Favourite Sports / Team?
    I enjoy most motor sports. Not really a football person.

    Claim to fame?
    I have many but one that always puts a smile on my face.  Looking out of the back of a military Chinook helicopter when I served in the TA.

    What music is in your car?
    Mixed but I don’t have the hair for head banging music.