July see’s some important changes to the law when it comes to driving, more importantly motorway driving. When you learn to drive you’re prohibited from using the motorway, and when you pass you can use them as and when you like, so we feel a fair few new drivers may be caught out by this.

On the spot fine for middle lane hoggers!

From July, any middle lane hoggers (cars that don’t move across to the inside lane when it is clear to do so) could be given an on the spot fine of £100 and 3 points on your driving license (new drivers are only allowed 6 points in their first 2 years driving).

Other fines such as not wearing your seatbelt or using a mobile phone fines will also raise to £100 instead of the current £40.

Let’s face it, everybody hates middle lane drivers, they cause bottle necks on the motorway and cause major issue’s around rush hour, we think it’s a great move to help improve British roads, but we don’t want anybody to be caught out!

Now for the obligatory sales speech – don’t get caught out, a 2 hour motorway lesson will let you learn all about driving on the motorway and all the do’s and don’ts, even better book a Pass Plus course (6-8 hours including motorway driving) it’s cheaper than the insurance increase due to points and the £100 fine, even better some insurance companies will give you discount for doing it!