We hate doing this, there’s nothing worse than a company making a big song a dance to the public about needing more staff, but we’re at the point where we’re turning work down as our waiting list’s are too long, it looks bad on us.

New driving instructors needed North & South Liverpool

We’re desperate for new driving instructors,we’re only looking for 1 in South Liverpool and 1 North Liverpool to begin with, we’re offering 2 weeks free franchise to get you settled in and have work waiting. In your third week you will receive 1000 professionally printed business cards. We have roof signs and all your stationery waiting, we have work waiting and we’re even offering you discounted franchise if you sticker your car up (saving you £15 a week (or £750 if you see the bigger picture)).

Interested? Give us a call and judge us for yourself, we’re family run and know what it’s like to be an instructor, the company is run by two! We let you control your own hours and take your own payments. You will work set areas to reduce travel time and we’re open 24/7 for support.

It may be worth us pointing out that all of our instructors, excluding one who joined 2 months ago have been with us for over 2 years each, all currently have full books with waiting lists for most of Liverpool. They all receive holiday weeks and full support from the office. We do not hire more driving instructors if we don’t have the work to keep them busy, we’re a small family run driving school who like to look after our driving instructors!

We are currently only looking for approved driving instructors with their own cars, although we can help any ADI’s get their own car if needed. If your looking to make the change then call us on 0800 9 70 40 30 🙂