Back when I passed my driving test a CD player and electric windows were all I wanted, I managed to get the CD player and longed after electric windows. These days’ things are a little different with a whole array of different in car gadgets that you want.

New drivers have it lucky, most cars these days (including your typical first car) will come with electric windows, air conditioning and CD player; if you’re lucky it will have an AUX in (for iPods etc.) Whilst your first car may not be your dream car, there are a few things you can do to make it better (and a whole lot safer).

A huge part of driving is staying safe, but it can be quite hard if your phones buzzing away with your friends trying to get in touch. Do yourself a favour and ignore it, if it’s really important someone will phone you – if they do make sure you can answer it legally! We always suggest pulling over into a safe spot at the side of the road but having a hands free Bluetooth device will keep you safe and legal whilst driving along.
Your car may not have come with Bluetooth originally but you can get in-ear pieces for just over £10, for those with a little more cash to spend you can change your CD player for one that is Bluetooth ready, prices start from £50 – a lot less than points and a fine from the police!

In car cameras
You’re a new driver and accidents can happen – if they do, hopefully it’s not your fault. Unfortunately we live in a time where people lie regardless of whose fault it was. A dash cam is a great way to capture any incidents and could help prove fault in the event of an accident.

Prices start at around £40 for a decent camera but we recommend spending a little more on a good camera with a hardwiring kit, the hardwire kit can allow your car to record whilst you aren’t in it via motion-detectors just in case someone decides to bump your car in a car park (see the video – courtesy of car camera shop)

Our driving school cars run amberella cameras, each hard-wired in so you don’t even notice them, they record on a 3 minute loop and save the file if it detects an accident – they’re fairly cheap too! Amberella 0801 dash cameras. Some insurance companies have a list of recommended dash cameras and may offer you a discount if you have one fitted- a great purchase if so!

Reverse Sensors

You may have learnt to park but on your own you may panic or get yourself flustered, reverse sensors are a great way to protect yourself from bumping other cars, a universal kit can be bought from the likes of eBay or Amazon for under £20 and should take a garage less than 1 hours labor to fit if you aren’t feeling brave enough to DIY.

An alarm

Most first cars may be older, and their security won’t be up to scratch. It’s fairly uncommon these days for cars to be stolen for a joy-ride but it’s not uncommon for them to be broken into for anything you have left on show. A good alarm can put potential thieves off and it can also reduce your car insurance. A good alarm isn’t cheap though and it’s no replacement for parking in safe areas and making sure nothing valuable is left on show!