The DVSA have announced plans to allow learner drivers onto the motorway during driving lessons – if the approved driving instructor (ADI) thinks the learner is safe to do so. This is a huge step in the right direction as although most learners will achieve good, high speed driving experience on dual carriageways often motorways can be a bit more daunting to newly qualified drivers.

We haven’t been given much information so far, other than the DVSA plans to allow this and will give more details, and a date for 2018 when they plan to introduce this. Currently it is still illegal for learners to use the motorway network.

Here’s what we know so far.

  • Learner’s will be permitted on motorways with a qualified driving instructor (not friends / parents)
  • The car must be dual controlled
  • The car must still display relevant L signs

At the moment there are still a lot of questions to be answered, but it’s great to see this being introduced as an option for learners. Currently there is no mention of a mandatory requirement for learners to practice on the motorway (other than the highway code) and there has also been no mention of any new section of the driving test to cover motorway driving – we doubt this would be practical due to some test centre’s being located some distance away from motorways, Norris Green, Garston and Widnes test centres would be ok but Southport would have quiet a drive to the nearest motorway.

The driving test has never covered the motorway network despite growing concerns over safety on them, with the increase of smart motorways we feel it’s now essential for learners to have a practical understanding of them along with the other issues they may face when travelling on a motorway.

So some good news but we’ll update when we have further information, for anybody wanting to read the official release please see the DVSA website here. For anybody who is currently learner, or even recently passed, remember we offer motorway driving lessons (currently only for qualified drivers) which are great at getting you ready for safe driving on the motorways.