Norris Green driving test center

Norris Green (Liverpool) Test Centre

Taking your practical driving test at Norris Green test centre, or looking at options - this page is for you! Here you can find all the test centre information along with previous years pass rates and tips from driving instructors who use the test centre every day.

Address Falklands Approach, Parthenon Drive, Norris Green, Liverpool, L11 5BR

Pass Rate (2020-2021): 45.4%

Norris Green Test Centre, instructor thoughts:

Norris green is a great test centre, it's central location makes it easy for most learners to practice around the local area but local knowledge definetely helps, beware of the double roundabout and pay attention to speed limit changes.

Stuart Rigby
DVSA (ORDIT) ADI - Covering Norris Green

Norris Green Test centre Driving Instructor

Norris Green Test centre pass rate

The average pass rate in Norris Green has varied over the years, please remember there are also other factors which have a higher effect on your chances of passing your driving test.

2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020 2020-2021
44.3% 43.7% 42.0% 40.2% 45.4%

Norris Green test centre

Situated in the heart of Norris Green, a short walk away from Broadway shops the test centre is in a great location, close to the A580 East Lancs road. The test centre has a good mix of residential roads and dual carraigeway’s surrounding it. Learners are advised to be aware of speed limit changes through these areas.

Norris Green Test Centre Route’s

Local knowledge deffinetely helps when taking your test in Norris Green. Your driving instructor should take you closer to the test center as you approach your driving test date and cover some of the test routes and local area. Test route’s are no longer available online and you also have independant driving to consider.

Pass Rates in Norris Green

If you’re learning to drive in Liverpool you have a few choices for test centre’s. We always recommend using your closest test centre as local knowledge and being able to practice in those areas gives you a huge increase in chances of passing your test. For those learning to drive in Liverpool then you will mainly use Norris Green or Speke test centers. Norris green in 2021 has a pass rate of around 45.2%, for those interested in figures the pass rate in Speke is over 10% lower at 34.7%.

You can see the pass rates for the previous 5 years above for Norris Green.

Please remember, your chances of passing your driving test are only as good as your knowledge. Having professional driving lessons, listening to your driving instructors feedback and booking your test when you are actually ready is the best way to achieving your full driving license.

Other test centres?

As mentioned earlier, there’s 2 main test centers in Liverpool, but you also have other test centers within short drives, such as Southport, St Helens and Widnes.

Your driving test

We recommend getting to your driving test slightly early, in Norris Green there is lots of parking available on the roads outside the test center. If you are taking your test with your driving instructor they will know the usual procedure.

If you are taking your driving test without an instructor (using a car with a supervising driver) then please do not practice in the test center as you may affect people sitting their tests. Arrive at the test center a few minutes before your allocated time and park in a parking bay marked ‘Customers’. Once parked proceed inside and wait for your name to be called. The examiner will then start the test.

At the end of your test

You will return to the driving test centre with the examiner who will then give you a pass or a fail, with some feedback based on your drive and any mistakes you may have made. This will also be emailed to you. Fingers crossed you have passed, if not use the feedback received to work on the areas you need to before resitting your driving test.

Part 2 & 3 Tests at Norris Green

Beside regular driving tests Norris Green also facilitates Part 2 and Part 3 ADI exams. Each exam is limited to 3 attempts. We offer full driving instructor training and Part 3 rescue in Liverpool, if you need help with your Part 2 or Part 3 in Norris Green then send us an enquiry!

Learn with The Driving Academy

If you’re just starting to learn to drive or you need someone to help you pass your driving test we are here to help. From full intensive courses, to assessment lessons with weekly sessions our driving instructors are trained to get you through your test as quickly as possible to the safest, highest standards. Fill in an enquiry form or give us a call on 0151 283 2929.

Norris Green Test Centre info

Falklands Approach, Parthenon Drive, Norris Green, Liverpool, L11 5BR

0151 256 7130

Car driving test,
ADI part 2,
ADI part 3

Parking available on site and road outside. Customers please use “Customer Parking” that is marked.

Male, female & disabled toilets

Wheelchair accessible

Getting to Norris Green Test Center