From Edge Hill University to Burscough and beyond. We offer driving lessons Ormskirk and the surrounding areas and have a great track record for getting learners to pass their driving test.

Our Ormskirk driving instructors know the area well and will get you driving in no time. We have some great block booking offers available. Want to know how good we are? Have a look at our facebook feed below and see how many driving test pass photos we post up every week

Driving lessons in Ormskirk with The Driving Academy

We’re sure you’ve seen our cars in and around Ormskirk – they’re hard to miss! Each year we attend the Edge Hill University freshers fair and we teach hundreds of driving lessons in Ormskirk every year!

Are we the best driving school in Ormskirk?

Let’s get to the point, our competitors will all claim to be the best with great pass rates and blah blah blah (Boring!). We don’t have to! We prefer to be lazy, why on earth would we write down how great we are when we can just show you how awesome our instructors in Ormskirk are. Have a look at our facebook widget, you can see the passes we have (updated every Friday) and you can also go onto our reviews and read all the awesome things people say about our instructors!

Our Driving lessons

Our driving instructors are trained to tailor the driving lessons to suit you. We believe in being as flexible as possible and identifying the best methods for teaching you. Everybody is different and our instructors are trained to adapt their lessons so you learn as much as possible in your lessons. Driving lessons can be taken in single 1-hour slots or in multiples. Your driving instructor will advise what’s best for your learning style.

Questions? Get in touch. Our team are here to help and answer any of your questions, no matter how big or small.

Our Promise to you

All of our driving instructors in Ormskirk work to a simple code, get you through your driving test as quickly and to the highest standard as possible, why? You get through your test quickly and don’t waste money, you then tell your friends how great we are and we get to teach all of your friends and we save an absolute fortune in advertising, which gives our instructors the higher wage that they deserve! We just need to make sure you have plenty of friends as we get loads of passes!!

We’ll Call You Back!