Learners to be allowed on the Motorway

Learners to be allowed on the Motorway from Monday 4 June 2018. Finally learners will be able to take driving lessons on motorways within England, Scotland and Wales. This of course includes the motorways around Southport Liverpool and Ormskirk areas locally to us.

What does it mean for pupils?

Well we think its great news as we can now incorporate it into your driving lessons, once you are up to a competent standard of driving your instructor can take you on a short trip on the motorway to introduce you to the motorway and hopefully build your confidence and help you understand the faster paced motorway. It helps that we’re in a great location for motorways with the M57, M58, M6 & M62 all within easy reach, with the M53 and M56 just over the water there is a lot of learning potential.

Pupils located further away from the motorway may not get as much chance to pop onto a motorway (Southport Learners we mean you guys unfortunately) but if motorway driving is something you would like to learn speak to you driving instructor and they can dedicate a lesson and take you down the bypass to the M57.

At the moment, you can only have motorway lessons after you’ve passed your driving test. Some newly-qualified drivers take lessons through the voluntary Pass Plus scheme that we offer.

For free advice on this new information give us a call:  Liverpool 0151 283 2929 or Freephone on 0800 9704030 alternatively send a message via our Contact Form and we’ll be happy to advise.

What’s new for learning to driving with lessons on the Motorway?

Learners must be:

  • Accompanied by an approved driving instructor
  • Driving a car fitted with dual controls

So essentially you can’t learn with a parent / friend – it must be a fully qualified, approved driving instructor (ADI).

Until June 4th 2018 it is still illegal, after that date it will still not be mandatory to learn and it will not be included on your practical driving test.

We think it’s a huge step in the right direction and should help reduce incidents on the motorway along with issues such as people driving in the incorrect lane, which is much more prominent on the motorway.

Remember – Learners to be allowed on the Motorway from 4th June and not beforehand, you won’t be tested on the motorway but it really is a great opportunity to learn more.