The Theory Test

Before anybody can book their driving test, you must first of all pass your theory test. This consists of a two-part examination, and both sections must be passed on the same day, so if you pass your theory test but fail your hazard perception test, you must retake both sections again.

We strongly recommend that you take your theory examination at the beginning of your learning experience. This is for a number of reasons, Firstly the examinations are not there just to make it awkward for you, If you study correctly, you will learn Traffic signs, road markings, rules of the road etc, etc.

For example, If you are driving along the road and see a triangular road sign, this is to warn you of an approaching problem. If you see the figures of two young children inside the triangular road sign, this is telling you that you are probably approaching a school, and you should be more aware of the likelihood of there being children crossing the road.

If you have not studied the road signs, how do you know what to expect on the road ahead? The earlier that you are aware of the approaching problem, the more time that you will have to think, and to decide exactly what it is that you have to do, to deal with that problem.

Do you not think that it will be easier to learn to drive if you know the road sign? Or how about doing what a lot of people do, start your lessons, and pick the road signs up as you go along.


The Theory Test

The second section of the theory test is the Hazard perception test.

The Hazard Perception test
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