Meet Mark, DVSA ADI

Mark is a great driving instructor covering Preston and Northern Southport!

Meet Mark - a DVSA ADI - Learn with the people who care!

Mark's Quick Q&A

Mark is our Approved driving instructor (ADI) covering Preston and North Southport. A great instructor with a ton of passes and great reviews. Teaching in his manual Kia Cee’d.

What’s your favourite part of being a driving instructor?
The face on people when they’ve just passed their driving test - changing peoples' lives!

Most memorable driving lesson?
A student who has been doing junctions to a high standard stops at a T junction. The car keeps rolling back. While revving the engine the student asks “Why am I not moving forward?”. I say “try lifting the clutch!!”.

What’s your favourite lesson to teach?
Roundabouts - so many transferable skills; observation, speed control, positioning, judgement and decision making!

Why did you train to become a driving instructor?
I wanted to do a job I enjoyed and that would give me job satisfaction. I wish I’d done it 25 years ago.

What jobs did you have before becoming a driving instructor?
Everything, delivery driver, sales, teacher & lecturer, electrician (almost!!), computer programmer, IT Manager, Data Analyst…

Why did you pick your Kia Cee’d to teach in / what do you like about it?
I wanted a car with as few gadgets as possible - no auto light/wipers, a decent size, economical and not too difficult to drive. I wanted to teach people to drive a normal car. Students love it!!

How old where you when you passed your driving test?
I passed my driving test when I was 18

Did you pass first time?

What advice would you go back and give yourself when you where learning to drive?
Learn to park straight!!

When you aren’t teaching where can we find you?
On a country walk, at the cinema, in church or on the couch!

Favourite food?
Ham egg and chips!

Favourite holiday destination?
Anywhere in Italy

Favourite Sports / Team?

Claim to fame?
I was once on TV in a Monopoly competition!! I didn’t win - I wasn’t a very good business man!

What music is in your car?
Anything and everything - Classical to Rock

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Driving Lesson FAQ's

Have a question? Want a quick answer? The most common driivng lesson FAQ's can be found below!

How do I book my first driving lesson in

If you have your provisional driving license then just give us a call or fill your details in on our callback form. A member of our team will answer any questions you have and pass your details over to one of our instructors.

What car will I learn to drive in?

We have a good variety of cars from super-mini’s to large SUV’s. Typically expect your lessons to happen in a Ford Fiesta / Vauxhall Corsa sized car. If you have any special requirements then feel free to ask us!

How many driving lessons will I need?

The UK average is 47 driving lessons and 22 hours of private practice before your driving test, but everyone is different. We’ve saw people pass in as little as 10 hours and others take longer. After your first few driving lessons your driving instructor will be able to give you an idea roughly how many lessons you will need.

What test do I need to take?

There are 3 tests you need to take to gain your full driving license. The first 2 tests are taken together, these are the theory test and the hazard perception test. You have to pass them both together. The final test is your practical driving test and this must be passed within 2 years of passing your first 2 tests.

How long does it take to learn to drive?

This is down to you. We see two types of learners, those committed to learning and taking regular weekly lessons, and those who aren’t too bothered and will cancel a lesson and then re-arrange for 2-3 weeks time. You can pass as quickly as you want, but if you don’t have the dedication or motivation to pass you can spend months trying to get your driving license.

How long are your driving lessons?

Our driving lessons all last 1 hour, but you can take them in 60/90/120/180 minute sessions if you prefer - speak to your driving instructor about your options if you want to do longer lessons. Note - some cheaper driving school only offer 50 minute driving lessons.

What is a provisional license?

You need to apply for a provisional driving license before you can start driving lessons. Without a provisional license you are not insured for driving on the road - we will ask to see your provisional on your first lesson.

Can’t I just learn with my Mum / Dad / Friend / Sister / Uncle??

Yes you can, however the person teaching you must meet certain criteria (Over 21, Have had a full license for over 3 years are the basic requirements) you must then also make sure the car is roadworthy, fully insured for a leaner driver and displaying the legal L plates. The most important thing is the person teaching / supervising you needs to know what is expected for your driving test and teach you correctly. If you want to speak to your driving instructor and ask for some advice.