Part 3 rescue, case study

Nobody likes to fail especially with only 3 attempts at your part 3 test. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost your way or have been let down by your trainer, sometimes a fresh approach is all you need.

Kev came to us with 1 attempt left at his part 3. After some part 3 rescue training Kev passed his part 3 in early 2019 and has developed into a great driving instructor, below you can find a Q&A with Kev about his training.

Kev - Part 3 Pass

Why did you want to be an ADI?
I’ve always loved driving and also loved the idea of being able to be flexible around the needs of my family (I have a little boy who is 4 going on 14) so it gave me and my partner, Nicky, the best of both worlds. As I previously delivered social care training courses, it seemed a perfect match for me.

Did you feel well informed enough to pick a training school?
When I initially considered becoming a driving instructor, I did take a long time to pick a driving school to train with. Sadly, just taking time to consider this wasn’t enough and I ended up leaving them to come to The Driving Academy.

You done great at your part 1 & 2, looking back how do you feel about it now?
I always thought Part 2 – the driving test – would be the area that held me back but I was able to pass this with the rarity of a zero faults pass. At least on the day of my Part 2 test I remembered to check my mirrors!

Do you know why you failed your first attempt at your part 3?
Totally. I got it straight away as soon as I was told. I failed to adapt the lesson to take account of my pupils poor use of mirrors, but it was apparent on reflection that he was incredibly nervous too making mistakes that were unusual for him. I wasn’t far off a pass on that attempt and thought my second attempt would be a walk in the park.

Do you know why you failed your second attempt at your part 3?
Initially I totally disagreed with the examiners comments, however on reflection – and that took some time – I did agree. It was totally the wrong lesson, in totally the wrong area for the pupil. I think I tried to be too adventurous and it backfired, badly.

Did you feel ready for your part 3 on your first and second attempts?
I felt ready and on both occasions had actually brought my date forward. However, after my second failed attempt and getting some help from Stu and Mike at The Driving Academy it was apparent that I clearly wasn’t ready, had not been trained sufficiently, hadn’t had the back up or support I needed and would need a lot of help in passing my Part Three test – I now had one chance left to make it happen!

How did you feel after each attempt at your part 3?
Obviously deflated, often angry, but determined to succeed not only for my but for my family. I know my partner was feeling the stress too!

Facing your final attempt, was there increased pressure – do you feel it affected your teaching?
Definitely. But my lessons and teaching changed totally after the input from Stu and Mike to include more structure to my lessons and a few other changes within the car – simple things like my seating position – it finally made me realise that I could do this!

You had an assessment from Mike & Stu, how did you feel after it?
Absolutely awful. Believe me, Stu and Mike know their stuff and it felt like the last 18 months had all been wasted and I was starting all over again. They both picked up on some fairly basic errors in my teaching and instruction that had never been picked up on before.

What advice can you give to anybody looking to start training to become an ADI?
Do your research! Then do some more. Then talk to other instructors, both from local and national schools and independent instructors. Watch YouTube videos, read the books, and when you do go down the route of training, go with an ORDIT registered trainer. Sit in on driving lessons, build a relationship with examiners, trainers and instructors then see who you’re most comfortable with.

What advice can you give to a PDI that has already taken a part 3 attempt and is feeling deflated?
GET HELP! Even if that means you have to pay out more to get a second opinion or extra training.

You’ve been qualified for a year now, with a chunk passes and great reviews, what can you say about being an ADI to spur struggling PDI’s on?
It’s an amazing career and the chances you get to change peoples lives forever are immeasurable. The qualifying process isn’t easy, it was never intended to be, and PDI’s do fail, as do ADI’s failing their standards checks. Don’t overcomplicate things, stick to the basics, do what your trainer has taught you and just be you. Let your own style evolve over time.


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