ADI part 3 test

Like your Part 2 exam, you are limited to 3 attempts to pass your part 3 test, fail it three times and you have to wait and resit your part 1 test.

Part 3 training is included in our full ADI training packages.

What is the ADI part 3 test?

The ADI part 3 test is your final step to becoming a fully qualified driving instructor. You will be marked across 17 areas of competence which are grouped into these three categories:

  • lesson planning
  • risk management
  • teaching and learning strategies

You will be marked from 0 to 3 on each of the 17 areas, which gives you your test score.

How do I pass the part 3 exam?

The part 3 in split into 3 score zones, 0-30 is a fail, 31-42 is a grade B (Pass) and 43-51 is a Grade A (Pass).

Most ADI’s will agree the best way to build up your knowledge and stand the best chance of passing your part 3 test will be through experience, working on a pink trainee license. A ‘Pink Badge’ allows you to work as a driving instructor and charge for lessons, it helps build knowledge and experience in preparation for your part 3 test. If you take a trainee license you will need to have an additional 20 hours training / supervision before you take your part 3 test.

What happens if I pass?

When you pass your part 3 test you have 12 months to apply for your ADI (Approved driving instructor) badge. If you want to work as an ADI you need this badge so we suggest you do this straight away. It will cost you £300 from

Your training is officially done and you can relax! – Only joking! As an ADI you will be monitored and checked with ‘standards checks’ periodically. Although you aren’t under any obligation to keep training or complete any continuous professional development it’s a good idea to keep on top of it and be the best driving instructor you can be.

What happens if I fail?

It happens, failing your part 3 isn’t a major issue and you do have 3 attempts at it. The main reason people fail is nerves, if you are unsuccessful you can do a little more work and try again. if you run out of attempts you must wait and resit the full course again.

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