ADI part 2 test

This is where things start to get serious, you are limited to 3 attempts to pass your part 2 test, fail it three times and you have to wait and resit your part 1 test.

What is the part 2 test?

The part 2 test is all about your driving ability to show you can drive safely in different road and traffic conditions whilst showing an understanding of the highway code in how you drive. We like to think of it as a slightly harder, longer driving test that you sat when you where learning to drive.

How do I pass the part 2 exam?

Everybody picks up bad habits after they pass their driving test, not checking mirrors enough, one hand on the steering wheel, it happens! Thankfully our driving instructors all know a thing or two about passing your driving test. We find an assessment lesson to identify key areas to work on is the best starting point. Nobody likes to be criticized on their driving but once you know your issues you work towards removing them. The majority of the time, 10 hours tuition is more than enough to get you through your part 2.

What happens when I pass?

This is when the real work begins. Once you pass part 2 you can begin your 40 hours and apply for a ‘pink’ trainee license. You can read more about the part 3 here.

What happens if I fail?

It happens, failing your part 2 isn’t a major issue and you do have 3 attempts at it. The main reason people fail is nerves, if you are unsuccessful you can do a little more work and try again. if you run out of attempts you must wait to resit your part 1 test again.

Our ORDIT trainers say:

The part 2 is only as big as you make it. Your expected to drive really well for around an hour, it doesn’t sound hard but it can be draining – next time you pop down the shops try and drive perfectly, you’ll be surprised how many bad habits you have picked up. Think of this test as being designed to take you back to your roots and get rid of those niggles in your own driving before you’re allowed to teach people how to drive.

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