Do you want to pass faster?

Most people don’t have any need to pass their driving test as quick as possible, but occasionally people need to pass faster.

Here at The Driving Academy we only have one concern, ensuring your a safe, competent driver when you finish your driving lessons and pass your test. We have one simple business method, to get you through your driving lessons as quickly and as cheaply as possible, which ties in nicely with those people who want to pass faster.

Can you help me pass faster?

Passing as quick as possible isn’t always the best option for most drivers, some people don’t learn well after 2 hours sitting in the car so after 2 hours they are wasting time and money, there can also be waiting times for tests and not everybody can call up for cancellation tests, our instructors generally book 2-3 weeks in advance with the DVSA test wait being around 3-4 weeks unless you get a cancellation driving test.

We can get you through your driving test as quick as possible, whilst making sure you live up to our high standards as a new driver, we can also advise you on your best way to learn, our driving instructors can identify your key learning styles and adapt to this.

If you need to pass faster, then give us a call and see what we can do for you on 0800 9 70 40 30!

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