Southport Driving Instructor Warns of Cold Weather – Drive Safe

Southport Driving Instructor Warns of Cold Weather

Scott is a driving instructor, a keen car enthusiast and a loving father & husband. In this post he warns about the dangers of driving in cold weather.

Driving Lessons Instructor Stockport Liverpool OrmskirkSo lately I’ve been sleeping a little longer as it’s far too cold to get out of bed, major problem being ‘it was too cold to get to work on time’ isn’t an acceptable excuse!

It really doesn’t help that on top of my extra 25 minutes in bed I have to spend 15 minutes clearing the windows of ice! Being a bit of a petrolhead I have some mechaincal sympathy so I gladly start the engine when I first go out to get it up to temperatue (driving a cold engine is never great, you dont wake up and do starjumps do you?)

What really suprised me is the people who do the bare minimum! I’m quite thourough and like to scrap every window, make sure the lights are visible and clear them if needed and make sure there’s no snow on the roof (although no snow yet!) I can be sitting in traffic able to see way into the distance, but I can barely see the person behind me because their windscreen is 70% fog.

Driving Lessons Include Logic When Your Car Is Iced Over

It may be quicker but the chances of you getting into a bump are far greater which can delay you, even hitting a kerb can delay you and cost you a small fortune so is it really worth rushing just to be delayed and cost yourself more money?

If you take one thing away from this quick blog, you may safe 5 minutes not de-icing thoroughly, but could you live with yourself if you hit a small kid that was in the foggy part of your window?

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  1. Bryan Greenall February 19, 2015 at 11:13 pm - Reply

    We see it all the time do we not, people in a hurry driving around with peep holes in a iced windscreen just because they cannot be bothered to get up early enough to scrape it.
    The fog and child bit is the perfect analogy.
    We have to start driving more careful at some point or it will demise into smash up a minute.
    With many fatalities for 5 minutes gain.

    A nice post thank you for sharing these thoughts.



    Evolve driving school.

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