Carl’s Mini – Show Me Tell Me

The Mini Cooper was re-invented by BMW in 2001 (commonly referred to as a Bini). In 2011 the mini was redesigned with a new range of engines and a great new look. Carl uses the 1.6 Diesel Mini Cooper so if your learning with him here is a great place to practice your show me tell me!


If your on a desktop PC or a laptop (anything with a mouse), hover over parts of the engine bay, when you reach certain parts a popup will display to and explain what that part of your engine bay is for!

If you use a tablet or a smartphone, use your finger to press on different caps and covers and a popup will appear to explain what they do. Once you have rear the message click back on the main engine bay to remove that popup message.

What’s in Carl’s engine bay?

Every engine bay is different, in Carl’s Mini you should be able to find, identify and explain the following:

  • Brake Fluid / Clutch Fluid
  • Engine Coolant
  • Oil Cap
  • Oil Dipstick
  • Screenwash

BMW Mini Show me tell me