We’ve made it onto the ‘Best Driving instructors in Liverpool‘ List

The Liverpool Echo recently ran a question on their social media page asking for people to tell the Echo who their favourite driving instructor was.

As the Echo says, ‘A great driving instructor really sticks with you, no matter how long ago you passed your test.

We asked ECHO readers for their favourites – and we were inundated with hundreds of responses with names of the instructors who left a lasting impression on their students.

From building confidence to always being on hand with a bit of chat about the football, these instructors are remembered for all the right reasons.’

We’re ecstatic to see that two of our instructors made the list, out of the thousands of driving instructors across the Northwest to get 2 listed in to top 62 is a great achievement, so we need to say a huge congratulations to Suzanne who came in at number 3 and Stu who came in at number 35!!! Awesome work guys!

Obviously we know all of our instructors are awesome, but for two to be recognised, it’s brilliant! If you want to book driving lessons in Liverpool with some of the best instructors, send us a message!

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