Great news, Stu’s new car

! Stu has upgraded his C3 VTR, after many, many hours of polishing it has miraculously transformed into a Vauxhall Astra CDTI.

The upgrade see’s a change from the petrol engine to a 1.7 Diesel engine, the bigger diesel engine is easier to get up to speed and more fuel efficient. Being a diesel it is also easier to learn your clutch control.

The car comes with a few nice features for Stu’s learner drivers, including an automatic electronic handbrake which stops the car rolling back on hill starts. The car also comes with Sat nav, cruise control and climate control, perfect for any pupils wanting to take advantage of motorway lessons!

The car has just had it’s brand new he-man dual controls fitted today and is ready for duty, in the next few week’s it will receive it’s new The Driving Academy Graphics and roof sign design.

If you see him – give him a wave!

1 Stu's new driving school car Stu's new driving school car Stu's new driving school car

Update- wow what a great 4 months the Astra has had, you can see it more in-depth on our show me tell me game which will let you explore the Astra’s 1.7 CDTI engine bay.